Brotli is not applied


I don’t understand why I can’t get any files compressed with brotli.

I enabled the feature, but files are still compressed with gzip. If I send a query with only “br” as “Accept-Encoding” header, content is not compressed at all.

You can test with that URL :

Is there any documentation to know how is it working exactly ? I already found but it is not helping me.

Your domain is not using Cloudflare to begin with.

But for some strange reason, that URL is.

That URL still isnt :slight_smile:
It still points to an Online server. There are Cloudflare headers, but I really wouldnt want to speculate where they are coming from at at this point :wink:.

Bottom line, the domain isnt using Cloudflare.

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That domain use a proxy to fetch static content on a domain on cloudfare (rewriterule on htaccess with [P]).

Thats not a Cloudflare issue then, but the missing enconding is something you need to fix on your proxy.

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I thought the original response was just passed “as is”, hm I will take a look and close the issue, thanks !

Passed as is by whom? It might be very well correctly passed by Cloudflare. A proxy can easily change the content encoding.

I think it might have to. For example an image which is brotli compressed is downloaded by the proxy. At that point the image exits in memory uncompressed - in case the client that image is sent to can only handle gz. But in this case, it’s the proxy that is not re-sending the content in brotli because it doesn’t know how. So, not a ClouodFlare issue.

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I’m back, I understand better how the proxy is working, thanks.

For future users from google, the proxy request must be in https, for example :

RewriteRule ^static/(.*)$$1 [QSA,P]

and dont forget to put that in the apache configuration (of the front making the proxy request) :

SSLProxyEngine on