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I need explanation on page load speed optimization through Cloudflare CDN for my legal website.

The problem is affecting the site since i moved to Cloudflare. The site is NOT ACCESSIBLE IN CHINA. Can somebody explain why Cloudflare sites are not available for viewing in China? Or if there is something that i am missing to get it fixed?

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I am not 100% sure how it works, but Cloudflare has a separate China-network, which requires an ICP license and that you to contact Cloudflare first.

Until you have have the China network enabled, website requests from China will need to first go through Cloudflare servers outside of China (for example Tokyo or Singapore). Therefore, requests from China to the outside world may be frequently inaccessible.

More info here:

It was not clear if your origin server was in China. Also, have you checked if you can load other websites on Cloudflare from China? I have several few websites on Cloudflare, with servers in US, and still have many visitors from China.

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My websites are in US servers and all of them are not accessible in China. I tried different network operators but no result. Also, my sites are all connected with cloudflare and are being hosted at different servers in USA.

For separate license, it will incur with an additional fee right?

Sorry, I don’t know enough about this topic. I would try to find out why the websites don’t load first, because it could be the domain, or network related. I personally have several websites on Cloudflare, and certainly some visitors and clients from China who can see the website. It might not load everywhere in China (China has poor connections outside China), but I haven’t heard any reports about this yet. Try some other websites on Cloudflare and see if they load.

I think yes, and you would require an ICP license in China. You would have to contact Cloudflare directly about this.

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I’m a bit lost here as to why you’d believe Cloudflare speed optimization features have anything to do with availability of your site in China. And what about Brotli?

Perhaps you (or @cloonan) should split this thread into as many as needed so that you obtain the best response in each case.

According to it is. How have you determined it is not accessible?

When i use China unicom network 4g internet then site loads up in over 3 to 5 minutes and that load means just the basic html stuff. Whereas, the site did not even load while using China telecom, China mobile networks. I did some optimization using brotli and speed optimizations as well but no success.

The site is not accessible when one use China mobile network but when switched to China unicom then site loads up in over 5 minutes time and that is not a complete site, just the broken html stuff.

You are requesting resources from a number of resources which are on eternal sources from your website, some of which are likely blocked by the great firewall.

Network performance in China is unlike the rest of the world.

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