Broti compression stopped working


Broti compression is enabled on this site and used to work. requests used to return content-encoding: br but now the header is missing and compression is not working.

I checked the Speed → Optimization → Brotli And it is ON


It’s showing for me. Is there a specific URL you’re not seeing it on?

Thanks for quick reply.

This url does not work

Also, it is not working for /_frameworks folder which has Blazor .dll files and has a Cache Everything Page rule.


Brotli isn’t for images. Just text. Images already have their own very efficient compression algorithms.

DLL files are binary, so those aren’t going to compress, either.

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Thanks again.

I thought Cloudflare was compressing all files with the cache everything page rule, which why I had to send a no-transform header for already precompressed files.


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