Broken "Stream Create Custom UI" page

What happened to this page? Stream Custom Player UI

I’ve bookmarked it and found it several times in this forum but I’m always getting this error message when trying to open it: “Not found
Unfortunately, the page you requested cannot be found.”

I even searched inside the github repo, Wayback Machine and Google but couldn’t find it. I also used different browsers.

I found the commit in GitHub where the recipes were removed: Stream Create Custom UI - Commit

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Does anyone know why they’ve been removed?

I suspect the recipes just use the parameters listed in that Dev Docs section, such as the standard player. There other methods in that Docs section.

I’d guess those other ones are disappearing because there are new Stream changes coming soon.

I removed them because they were causing quite a bit of confusion rather than helping out, the quality of the examples weren’t great.

I can help out with what you’re trying to do here if you’d like :slight_smile:

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