Broken site after DNS moved away from Shopify

So we’ve moved our site away from Shopify’s DNS records to something completely different. The site is still showing a Shopify’s error page “There was a problem loading this website”.

This isn’t stale DNS records but seems like some internal Cloudflare issue. In the past we’ve had issues with Cloudflare for SaaS apps taking control of our account behind the scenes, without us having anyway of disconnecting them - maybe related?

Anyway, our site is down and looking to regain control asap - thanks

Here are some options:

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Ok, this is good context but still no guaranteed solutions.

Unfortunately i’m staring at 8+ hours downtime, which in this case can be swallowed, but I’m more worried about domains key to the business which could suffer the same surprise fate - so I’ve asked a follow up question here: ** merged to post below **

Edit: someone moved this post here changing the context

Migrate away from shopify without Downtime?

So naturally one would think all you do is change your Cloudflare controlled DNS records from Shopify to your new website, and pooff goodbye Shopify …however it’s not that simple.

Apparently Shopify has a backdoor access into your Cloudflare account through an integration called “Cloudflare for SaaS”.

So while you think you control all your DNS records, because you can change them at your will, turns out you don’t - Shopify does.

More so Cloudflare does not tell you. Cloudflare also does not give you a way to regain control of those DNS records.

Then you end up in a rabbit hole of support/workarounds while still staring at your hijacked domain.

Even staying with Shopify may not be safe. Moving your site to “headless” ecommerce… expect this downtime.

So my serious question is - how can we reliably move away from Shopify’s dns, remove Shopify’s fingers in our Cloudflare accounts, all without occurring downtime?

- Is there an established step by step?
- Do we need to have Shopify’s support on hand for the migration?
- Is there a hidden page in our Cloudflare account with some knobs?

Any help / ideas are appreciated!

Had the post unmerged because I think you are asking a different question.

Not sure it is back door access exactly. It is a mechanism to allow a SaaS provider control of a hostname it doesn’t ‘own’ on the Cloudflare platform at your request. e.g. Shopify can’t take control of my hostname on Cloudflare unless I follow their provisioning steps.

In general this is probably a good thing to a degree. If you could break it unknowingly, plenty of people who had no idea what they are doing could arbitrarily break their own sites in bad ways.

This is the real issue. Well that, and Shopify and others seem to have difficulty unlinking domains… due to incompetent support personnel? Poor coding ability? A lack of concern for you once you decide to no longer be a customer? Possibly all of the above.

Also a problem. Not a hard one for them to solve, though real-time status of a particular hostname might be tricky, they do know and could certainly add tooling to help customers diagnose the ‘problem’ and move away from the configuration.


You can’t.

Back to my original post, the domain in question has been returned to us by Shopify some 15+ hours after it went down. Luckily we have Shopify Plus, which even then took 5+hours to get escalated to the right person - i’d hate to think how long it would take on any lesser Shopify plan.

So given that Cloudflare doesn’t communicate that your domain is hijacked, doesn’t reflect your DNS records and no workaround to avoid downtime on a Shopify change…

How hasn’t there been more outrage around this and been patched asap? I don’t think i’m in the wrong believing this would warrant an urgent attention on Cloudflare’s end.

This could be very costly to us if we ever need to switch our key Shopify domains, so it’s still a very real problem

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