Broken pages deployments using remix

Hi, we’re suddenly experiencing broken Pages deployments with our Remix app. The same commit that deployed successfully yesterday is failing today. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Code builds and runs fine using wrangler dev
  • Code uploads fine using wrangler pages deploy public
  • Website URL is generated, but contains the “nothing here” fallback page (If the project exists, it may not be ready yet. Please check back later)
  • Deployment appears in a “failed” state on Pages deployment dashboard


What do you mean by “broken”? What are you seeing? Have you tried tailing and seeing if there’s an error in the code?

Hi Walshy, just updated the OP with more details. Will try tailing, although there doesn’t seem to be anything to tail.

Can you share a deployment ID or the so I can check it?

Yes, thank you.


Here’s another pair that should work, as it works in wrangler dev and is the same code (same github commit) that successfully deployed yesterday


It looks like you deleted the D1 DB linked to this project. You will need to remove it from the Functions tab as well:

Currently it’s trying to deploy with the D1 DB but it doesn’t exist so it’s failing

Thank you for looking into this Walshy. It looks like you’re correct. We updated our wrangler.toml to reflect the new D1 db but did not update on the Functions tab. Cheers to you my friend.

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