Broken my website - help required

I am having a bit of a nightmare with the hosting of my domain and need some support please.

I have the domain name “”. This was registered with 1&1 until this week when I transferred the domain to Cloudflare registrar and renewed for a further year.
This is when the problems started for my site. I have hosting with SiteGround and couldn’t get my domain to point from Cloudflare to the host.
To cut a long story short I ended up removing the site from Cloudflare so that all my DNS settings were being controlled by SiteGround. This still didn’t work so now I have tried readding the site to my Cloudflare but it needs me to amend the nameservers, as shown below:

I am unable to change the nameservers to custom in Cloudflare because I am not a business user, so I have no idea how to get my website back up and running. I opened a support ticket with Cloudflare but the issue still hasn’t been resolved. I can’t transfer the domain from Cloudflare to siteground because it has only just been moved from 1&1. I am at a loss as to what to do next, any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @seanmannion7,

Removing a domain using Cloudflare Registrar does often cause issues. The domain does currently point to Alan and Dana. If you click the ‘Re-check nameservers’ button, does it work? If not, I’m afraid you will have to wait for support to get back to you. Please post the ticket number here if it’s not resolved.