Broken in the latest Pale Moon - what does Cloudflare require to work?

Hello, in the latest Pale Moon Cloudflare site checks do no longer work anymore.

There is one error message in the error console which makes it most likely that a certain ECMAScript specification is missing Pale Moon of which the Cloudflare browser check makes use of.

12:41:25.212 [[[ERROR]]]: “Message: TypeError: l[l0(…)] is not a function - URL: https : // challenges-cloudflare-com/cdn-cgi/challenge-platform/h/g/orchestrate/chl_api/v1?ray=7d26c58adaa2a21d - Line: 1 - Column: 124516 - Error object: {}” Object { i: “6KfsvNBcwrk=”, h: “yes”, tH: “”, t: -1685950884986 } v1:1:3010

12:41:25.214 TypeError: l[l0(…)] is not a function[Learn More] v1:1:124516

Which feature must Pale Moon implement to make the browser check working again?

Thanks for your time and perhaps the necessary possible information.

Issue confirmed. All websites using Cloudflare browser-integrity protection (challenge/captcha-based, possibly higher than default protection level), simply stopped working on Pale Moon. This doesn’t seem to be related to a Pale Moon update. Possibly also occurs on other browsers like Waterfox, but can’t confirm now.

The “Verifying…” spinning wheel either keeps spinning forever, or disappears after a few seconds. Then, nothing happens. No error messages and access is denied to these websites. Pale Moon 32.2.0, Windows 10.


Please review and fix. A similar, or exactly the same issue occurred about a year ago, and was ultimately fixed by Cloudflare.

As said, there is an error message which appears:
TypeError: l[l0(…)] is not a function

Would be nice to verify if it is a certain ECMA Javascript feature Cloudflare is expecting - or if it is simply something which works in Chromium/Firefox based browsers because of coding differences as Pale Moon and Firefox have diverged quite a lot in the past.

Therefor it would be good to verify what this error message actually means. No useful information during a Google research

But there is general page from Mozilla which lists:

The JavaScript exception “is not a function” occurs when there was an attempt to call a value from a function, but the value is not actually a function.

So, what does that mean now translated over to the situation which is presenting itself here?

Not fixed so far sadly - and no reply from a Cloudflare official here…

Arktiswolfrh, check again. Website verification now works. Assuming this wasn’t some random auto-glitch, thank you to whoever took notice and fixed the issue.

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