Broken images on WP site (front-end) after updating Name Servers

After I updated my Name Servers in GoDaddy to Cloudflare NS, all images broke on my WordPress site. Is this related to propagation or something else? I cleared my cache and no change…


More often than not, this issue results from SSL settings, especially when the HTML is loaded over HTTPS but image files are not. Make sure your site has a valid SSL certificate, and your SSL/TLS setting at Cloudflare is set to Full (Strict)

Also, check this tutorial for further tips.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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Fixed! I actually used a plugin called Really Simple SSL. Thanks again for your help!


Just make sure your encryption mode on Cloudflare is, as @cbrandt mentioned, Full Strict, otherwise your site would be still insecure and without encryption.


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