Bringing a .gov Domain to CloudFlare

I am trying to bring our .gov domain to Cloudflare. However, before .gov will allow this to happen the SOA and NS space must be reserved for the incoming .gov on your end. I can not do this by just adding the site, because of the block by the registrar. So, I am stuck in a Chicken and Egg situation.

Can you please add the domain to my account, so that the dotgov registrar can see it active and assign the NS of leah.ns and buck.ns to that domain?

Thank you!

Brandon Sofge
[email protected]

Hi @brandon16,

.gov domains do often require manual work from Cloudflare’s Support Team to add the,. We can’t do that here in the community as we are just other Cloudflare customers, so please open a ticket with support.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you cannot login, email [email protected] from the email address on your account. If you receive an automatic response that does not help resolve your issue, reply and indicate that you still require assistance.

When you open the ticket, please share the ticket number here so we can escalate it and make sure it receives attention.

Ahh, that is the path I started with. The Automated AI that routes support tickets, keeps rejecting me since I can not pre-validate the domain as being part of my account.

The ticket that got me the farthest before being marked resolved and rejected is 2258536.

I appreciate your help to get me routed to a human support person.

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Ah, that’s irritating. I thought it should filter out tickets about gov domains and let them through :man_shrugging:.

Thank you, I’ll get that escalated and re-opened for you.

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I appreciate that very much. Thank you for shepherding this through.


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Thank you @domjh, I reopened your ticket @brandon16 and added myself to track progress.

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Good Afternoon @cloonan

Could you please create a new ticket for the other domain .gov that I need to be provisioned? I tried to append this request to the existing ticket, but was unable to get Sarah to respond again.

The setup of went beautifully, and now I need to be able to receive

Please and Thank You, Everyone. I so appreciate everything Cloudflare allows me to do!


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Hi @brandon16 I flagged the additional domain here and on the ticket 2258536

Thank you! You absolutely Rock!

Have a fantastic weekend.

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I am stuck in the exact same spot with our new .gov and can’t seem to connect with a “real” human.
Please add to our account so we can proceed. Ticket 2273183

Hi @swight,

I am a part of the Cloudflare support team. I sent a response on your ticket to help get the .gov domain added to your account.


Hello @swight ,

Yes, unfortunately it will take a few extra steps to get the process going. Hopefully Sara from Cloudflare Support can pick this thread up and provision the space. You can not do this yourself.

Once you receive notification that the space has been set aside, about 20 minutes later-ish you can update the NameServers in the .gov registrar dashboard. If you update and the .gov Dashboard returns an error about not finding a valid host, go back to the dashboard, delete the nameservers and Save. Do NOT just let it sit there and attempt to keep connecting. Give it another 30 minutes, update, Save, and wait for the response.

.gov will cease to validate if you let it continue to hit a dead space, and then you have to put in a .gov support ticket to get them to start re-validating.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything that I can do - please let me know. {redacted}

Thank you Brandon,
Everything thing is in place now and we are active on our .gov.

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