Bring back the instant saves

Just wasted 20 minutes because I was clicking the proxy cloud, not realizing there is now a save button. Thanks for the heads-up on the change. NOT

Please bring back the instant click or make it optional. It was fine the way it was. Same with adding DNS records, use to be able to add cnames, then when you added another it would still be on cname. Now it default and I have to pick the record type each time. How does making me click more, become an enhancement. WTF


We had significant feedback that the risk of an accidental change was very high in the previous UI and incorporated that feedback. However I will be sure to pass along this feedback to the UX team.

Need a pro user theme and another with training wheels. I need to move fast, and this slows me down.

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Yeah having a DNS settings to toggle quick save on/off would be nice

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I agree to the above comments, please add a toggle in the settings to use the quick save


The change is covered in this blog post and how to submit feedback on the change as well.

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