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Simple question: we transferred everything over to CloudFlare, but now, if someone visits directly, without typing in the the full URL, some ‘url shortener’ website comes up. It’s causing many problems with our marketing, because people are just typing and getting redirected, and we lose our potential member.

Do you have any solutions?

Thank you!

That looks like a GoDaddy “feature”. You can redirect with a Page Rule:

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I really appreciate your response. I am going to check out the tutorials you shared!

And yes… our url is paid for via godaddy :smiley:

It says the first step is to add a dummy IP address. Does this mean that I should create that in GoDaddy, or on CloudFlare? If on CloudFlare, where to set that up?

I figured it out. It’s on CloudFlare, under the ‘DNS’ tab (the tutorial should make that more clear).

Does this look correct?

You only need one A record, but if you are using a page rule to intercept and redirect all requests then it makes no difference at all what IP you list, and it won’t matter if there is one or two.

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