Brazil Error Routing


My problem and other users is the following: When we access the “NET” Internet Service (one of the largest in Brazil) our connection is routed to São Paulo datancenter - GRU (Brazil).
But when I access the cell phone (using the TIM and VIVO operators), my connection (by TIM) is routed to MIAMI (USA) and by the operator VIVO my connection is routed to LIMA (in Peru - Other Country). Some problem is happening in the routing of points in Brazil. It would be interesting for Cloudflare’s technical department to further analyze this, as they answered my technical call saying there would be NO PROBLEM.
I own FREE plan, but I think this is not The problem. OK ?
I really like cloudflare and I’ve been a user since when it was only the closest MIAMI to Brazil.
For the test I use as recommended by Cloudflare support the expression


This behavior is expected. Zones not on BIZ or ENT are served locally by peers, and TIM doesn’t currently peer with us. The overwhelming majority of ISPs should still be served in Brazil.