Brand new business and I may have been Blacklisted, why?

Hi everyone, I’m here pleading for assistance or insight as to what might be the problem and how to fix it. I have a brand new business and it appears it may have been blacklisted right out of the gate. is the website. Cloudflare is my host. I went live about a week ago and was immediately getting calls from friends and family that certain ISPs were labeling me as a fraud alert. Extremely upsetting to start this way. I’ve call GoDaddy and Shopify several times and they say everything is fine on their end. They say the issue is with my host, Cloudflare. Please help!? Thank you in advance for any information. -Steve

It’s not blacklisted by Cloudflare. You’d have to track the alerts back to whatever list is used by that ISP. It could be that it’s a brand new domain that’s accepting credit cards.

First, thank you for a speedy response. I’m not an extremely versed IT person, so some of this is very new to me. What I can tell you is that I was using a previous domain, that I was building the site on. I even ran a test launch in beginning of Sept on that domain. I finally bought a couple months prior but had to wait for it to be able to be unlocked to transfer to my registrar, GoDaddy. Once that was official, I went ahead and changed website domain and updated all pertinent info. It is working fine on most ISPs but not all. I even got Security Threat on Norton, and local ISPs. How can I track or determine what the root of the problem is?

A full screenshot of the error(s) people are seeing would help.

It’s quite possible that the previous owner of the site was running an unsafe website. You’d have to go through those third parties and dispute the rating.

Again I apologize for my ignorance, but what do you mean by 3rd parties? The ISPs? Previous owner? I know that I was unable to get previous owner to respond to communications when I was attempting to buy the domain. But he let it expire, and then an investor beat me to the punch. But he was willing to negotiate and that’s how I obtained the domain finally.

Norton in this case has notably recorded your domain at one point doing bad business. You just need to prove it’s different ownership and so forth.

There’s ways to check how long ago this was too and when it was last registered the domain.

Not sure of any good links but it’d be ideal to get a report done and see who has your domain on a bad list… and possibly start getting yourself setup with bulk-emails with many of the carriers out there.

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Thank you for your input. How does one go about doing this? Getting a report run, disputing, etc?

I cannot provide links, or bots to discover this score/report. They do exist though, just don’t use them myself.

In your picture, norton anti-virus that runs as an extension in browsers flagged your domain. You should start by going here…

If there’s more sites, go through them or try and find a bot to do the report for you so you can face properly again or manually go about it. I wish I could offer a tool to help but not my field… :slight_smile:

Because you’re dealing with software flags, you may too want to see if the email of that domain is considered spam and try correcting this if you anticipate doing business under that name.

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