Bounced email with this: "Domain of sender address does not exist"

I have no idea what I’m looking for. I have a domain I bought at GoDaddy. I’ve had it on cloudflare for awhile but I’m worried I set up the email record incorrectly. I purchased Microsoft email with my domain. I manually added the records to the cloudflare set up at the time I changed the nameservers. I’m currently getting bounced from one of the businesses I occassionally work with with this error message: Domain of sender address <[email address]> does not exist’. Can someone help me?

By the way, I would buy a plan from cloudflare to get help but I have no idea what product I’m supposed to buy. If someone has an idea of this, I’d sure appreciate that too. Very grateful for any help anybody can provide.

Please test your email with and link the reply here.

This is wild!

“https” + “://” + “www” dot "mail-tester dot “com” + “/test-dhggmqr13”

It won’t let me post a link so I’m going to adjust and if you could put in the missing characters, I’d sure appreciate it.

I don’t know what I’m doing. Thanks for your patience.

Did you enable DKIM? Do you have a record that ends in _domainkey?

Also, is this the same method of sending where you received the bounced email?

Yes, it is.

I didn’t enable DKIM. I will look and see how to do that based on what you provided. I so appreciate your help.

I tried to do this and got this message:

It doesn’t look like you created those records yet. Can you show a screenshot of the records you created?

Now I can see them :wink:

Verification should also work now.

It did work! YAY! How about this… do I need to do anything?

Also, is there a way I can buy you a cup of coffee or lunch or something to thank you?

No. I’d wait and see if you get any more bounces.

Absolutely no need :wink:

Well, I thank so you so very much!!

Gah… I still got bounced from email servers.

Your SPF specifies that outgoing email is only approved from Godaddy ( with a hard reject (-all) for everything else. You probably need to add to your SPF record so you can send from Microsoft. (Not my area so others may offer more).

Also, one of your DKIM selectors isn’t giving a result. This is common for MS365 users when first setting up. If you rotate the DKIM keys in your MS365 account, both should appear.


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