Bounce rate dropped massively after setting up Cloudflare

I set up a Cloudflare free plan for one of the websites - MCNews dotcom dot au

I had a few DNS issues and had to add some manual records which I assume I did correctly. as it seems to be working fine

Weird thing is, it seems that our bounce rate has dropped from 75%-80% down to 25% exactly when we went live with Cloudflare. Page views are up to almost double.

Traffic in the last few days has also been very high as few news articles got picked up in Google Discover and driving traffic but our bounce rate never goes this low, ever!

The Site is WP, is on Litespeed Server and uses a LiteSpeed caching plugin.

Via Cloudflare Javascript miniaturisation is not ticked. Rocket loader is not activated.

We did have the Analytics code served locally. I have just changed this to see if it makes a difference in case it was somehow being cached and double-served.

Question is, could setting up Cloudflare and configuring it wong/DNS wrong cause the site’s bounce rate to drop so low?

PS we are a high-traffic site, 10-15k sessions per day.


Hello there,

That ain’t happen that way. DNS records help communicate information about your domain to visitors and other web services. You can read this doc.

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