Bounce emails

Hello, a newbie here.

I’m a 1st time user of Cloudflare, and I just made a test sending an email to an email address doesn’t exist in my server/domain.

I didn’t receive any bounce email as I previously received when I was not using Cloudflare. Am I missing something an MX record or something I still need to configure?

My domain its hosted on a cPanel server.

Thanks in advance for pointing me to the right direction.


But you are still able to receive emails?

Yes, I’m receiving emails on email address that exists.

The problem its when I send an email to an email address that doesn’t exist in my server. I’m not getting any delivery failure message.

Thanks for your help!

Is it possible that you have some sort of catch-all address? It’s not really a problem with Cloudflare, but a configuration error on the backend.

No, I don’t have a catch-all address :frowning: I’m still looking what could it be… Thanks for your help Matteo

I found it. It was a default configuration on my server side (by default all email was being delivery to the default user, not a catch-all, but something similar). cPanel adjusted this by default on an update.

Thank you all for your help!


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