Bought domain from Cloudfare - Can’t be used with my hosting provider? (InfinityFree) - No way to change nameservers

I bought a domain from Cloudflare, which it seems I have learned (after buying the domain) that it is not possible to change nameservers on Cloudflare which seems to be necessary in order for it to work with my hosting provider, InfinityFree.

Is there any workaroud? Cloudflare support has been no help (impossible to actually talk to someone without paying for a seperate service on top of the domain fee)

I’m really hoping I don’t have to wait 60 days and transfer the domain to another provider.

Before purchase you are warned…

Waiting 60 days is your only option for Infinityfree [for the apex domain after @Laudian’s point], or use another host that you can point to using Cloudflare’s DNS.


Add a subdomain to your website, like - you can set NS entries for subdomains with Cloudflare.

Then create a redirect for to in Cloudflare.


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