Bought domain, but it still doesn't resolve

My domain, dudesof708 (dot) com, isn’t resolving. Does it resolve for other people?

When I call WHOIS, it has no result, but support tells me that WHOIS returns fine. Calling DNS using dig also returns no results. is not a registered domain. If that’s the actual domain you should double check that you actually registered it.

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Are you sure you actually registered it? Did the transaction actually complete? It’s showing as an available domain.

Now that you’ve posted it publicly, you better hurry if you still want it…

From my CLI, my observations match @sandro’s which makes this page on Security Trails somewhat perplexing.

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Good point, it seems it was registered at some point. Possibly expired?

Interesting catch, I was able to register it again for some reason. Thanks.

Now it is registered.

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