Bought Different Domain

Hello, so I chose cloudflare as a provider to buy a domain.
I typed the domain : divineprison DOT net and wanted to buy it. I added my visa and bought it but it showed me that I bought divine-prison DOT net, which is not the domain I stated.
Is there any way my active domain to be disabled and transfered to divineprisonDOTnet .
I do not want a refund or anything because I want cloudflare to be the provider but want it instead of divine-prisonDOTnet to be divineprisonDOTnet

Autocorrect in browsers can often adjust input boxes so you need to be careful when buying domain names for things like this.

Domain registration purchases are final so you’ll just need to buy the non-hypenated version of the domain. The hypenated version is worth having to protect your website from impersonators.

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