Bought Cloudflare Domain to build on Namecheap but how?

I bought a domain on Cloudflare which Im thinking was a mistake now. Im simply wanting the protection the free cloudflare provides. Since I just bought the domain I obviously dont have it hosted anywhere but I have these cloudflare nameservers that i would normally get by building the website FIRST then adding it to cloudflare. Bottom line Namecheap requires Namecheap nameservers for me to begin building a site. This is where Im confused. If I buy domains on Cloudflare how do I then get the site built without buying a cloudflare hosting package? How do I take the cloudflare domain I have and start bulding a website on Namecheap?

Please see answer on duplicate topic.

Thanks but i dont think you read my post. I was asking how to install the domain at Namecheap when the dns settings for the domain i registered are at Cloudflare. SO my hosting package is at Namecheap and the domain is at Cloudflare.

I completely understand your post and as long as Namecheap requires the use of their nameservers, you will not be able to host with them using a domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar. Cloudflare Registrar is an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. If you need to use Namecheap (or any other non-Cloudflare) nameservers, you will need to transfer the domain to another registrar.

You are trying to use two different services, both of which require the exclusive use of their nameservers. Clearly you cannot satisfy those mutually exclusive requirements and you will need to pick one. You can use Namecheap hosting or Cloudflare registrar, but not both.

Ok so lets suppose i use another registar. What information do I need to provide them to be able build a website? This is where Im totally confused and dont have endless amounts of time to figure out basic stuff. Normally I just change nameservers at the registrar. But Cloudflare is weird and I dont understand it.

Assuming that you are still planning on using the Namecheap hosting, you would need to set you nameservers to the ones assigned by Namecheap. Note that you would not be able to use Cloudflare in that scenario, and further questions about that setup are not something the Cloudflare Community will be able to answer since there is no Cloudflare involvement in such a setup.

If you choose to use different webshost that does not require the use of their nameserververs, they would provide the IP that you need to use in your DNS and you would just create the records in your Cloudflare DNS.

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