Bought a domain from Cloudflare and unable to point it to my hosting (Bluehost)

So I recently bought a domain on Cloudflare. I have been trying to point the domain to my web hosting platform, Bluehost. I have set the DNS A record pointing to Bluehost and have waited more than 72 hours but it’s still not working.

Changing name servers is unavailable because I do not have the business plan and requesting EPP code is also not an option because my domain is only about a week old.

The attached below is Bluehost assign page for reference.

Step 2: Verify Ownership
To verify ownership of the domain "" please point the nameservers for the domain "" to:
The nameservers are currently set to GEMMA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, ROCKY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM.


You may also set the DNS "A" record for the domain "" to point to (Note: recent changes to DNS records may take a few hours to propagate)


You may also verify ownership of the domain "" by creating a page at or which contains the text "49dff377" (retry assigning once the page has been created). (There is an error looking up the page from our server at IP 500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '') )


You may also verify ownership of the domain "" by entering the EPP authorization code, which must be obtained from your current registrar. The EPP code will NOT be used to transfer the domain.
EPP Code: 
Verification required

Although you’ve set the DNS correctly, Bluehost is asking you to verify ownership of the domain with something they can see and check. Your A record won’t work for this because it’s proxied at Cloudflare and therefore returns a different IP address from the outside.

There are two ways you can proceed. If you shut off the :orange: proxy in the DNS settings, the record will return the IP address Bluehost is looking for and the verification should work. You can probably switch the :orange: proxy back on later, but I’m not sure about that.

So the better option would be their second option, creating the file on your website with the name and content they specify. This would be easier and definitely permanent. The error message they are talking about there is because you don’t have a www entry for your site, but this error doesn’t matter because they check the bare domain as well, so you don’t need to worry about that.


You cannot change your nameservers in a Business plan either. You can use custom names in your domain to reference your Cloudflare nameservers, but they are still Cloudflare nameservers.

The HTML method as recommended by @i40west is going to be the best option.

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Thank you so much for the reply! I really appreciate it. However, this is my first time purchasing a domain through Cloudflare and I don’t know how to create a page through Cloudflare. I have been looking it up everywhere but mostly the tutorials are about DNS and transferring domains only. If it is not a burden, could you please link me a tutorial on how to make a page/website on Cloudflare?

You don’t create the page on Cloudflare. You create it on your Bluehost site.

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