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Yes, I’ve searched for an answer but it’s confusing on what category my issue falls under.

I’m not the most tech savvy so please bare with me. I just purchased this business and I’m trying to get access to the Cloudflare Account (who I believe would be the host of my website). The previous owner did not have access to this account because the email was for a former employee who’s email was shut down.

I’m looking to update the billing information to keep the website hosting active and provide access to my digital marketing team so they can make adjustments/enhancements.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I set up a Cloudflare account for myself hoping I could assign the page to me…? Not sure if that’s even the right lingo.

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Cloudflare is unlikely to be your web host. Cloudflare typically provides DNS services and operates as sits between your web host and your visitors. This makes it appear to outsiders as if Cloudflare hosts the site. It actually just proxies the traffic. The Cloudflare proxy provides security and performance functions.

Without access to the email address attached to the account, there is no way to recover the account. You will need to abandon it and start over in a new Cloudflare account. You can certainly do this in your newly created Cloudflare account. It is not really much different than adding a site to Cloudflare for the first time. It will require that you have access to domain registrar.

While you certainly can do all of the work yourself, it may be worth the investment required to enlist the aid of a skilled consultant that possesses an intimate familiarity of how these components all work together. There are lot more elements involved than one may suspect.

If you are comfortable sharing the domain name here, Community members may be able to provide you with additional details, such as who your domain registrar is. Your host may be identifiable through public DNS history archives, but there is no guarantee. Your best bet will be to review old accounts payable data in your bookkeeping ledgers.

Here are my top three links for your situation, including two Community Tutorial guides.


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