I have same problem. Yesterday 5k of

Same problem here. Several hundreds of hits from right now. How do I stop it??

I am also having issues from

If you’re talking about Referrers, has anybody tried a firewall rule like:


This is what I’m getting right now. How do I block it?

You can create a Firewall Rule like this:

This will block all requests to “/”


I cant stop them all, today I have problems with “”, yesterday “” someone else “”…
Can Cloudflare do something, what if they start to put more random things?

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I’m not getting these currently so I don’t know if they all share something in common. Regardless, you can report these domains to Cloudflare using their abuse report. You should include as much information as possible in order for them to understand what is happening and take action.

Link to the form: Abuse form | Cloudflare | The web performance & security company

getting a lot of traffic in google analytics from

I have setup firewall rule in cloud flare to block all traffic from outside of the UK

but google analytics is still showing the traffic

Is it just a GA issue or is the traffic getting through?

dont want all these spammy hits to the website affecting our SEO and analytics reporting.

I am having the same problem right now. Does ANYONE know how to filter from Google Analytics??

Where are you seeing their info in Google Analytics? via the referrer header? What firewall rules have you already tried?

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firewall settings are to block everyone outside of the UK

I have filters in google analytics to block the stats which seems to work however not sure if the traffic is real or just in GA

was happening last night from 4pm GMT until midnight.

traffic spikes as per image

lol glad not just me then

Got The same issue today in GA, how do I block this bot?

Same problem here. To make matters worse, the traffic doesn’t seem to be recognized by Cloudflare! I’m not seeing any super unusual activity in the Cloudflare analytics. But Google Analytics is showing thousands of hits to the page /

What’s happening…?

I have same problems in GA and traffic just go trough Cloudflare. Any solutions till now?

Same problem. I’m trying using filters but it doesn’t work

Me to, but today I see new bot traffic from different source…
I will just refer to other post I write here

How can I block to hit my website?

It’s spamming my Google Analytics but my main concern is not to overload my server with their fake traffic.

I tried making filters to bloc countries like China, Pakistan, India:

(not in {“US” “UK”})

and also block by request URI

(http.request.uri contains “bot-traffic”)

and also block referral

(http.referer eq “”)

Nothing helped!

Can you help?

Refer to my post here: - #19 by Walshy