Thousands of referrals from currently attacking my website. The weird thing that it’s “powered by cloudflare”.

Turned on “I’m under attack” firewall rule and everything that I can, but won’t help!

Why can’t you block this bot?


Our web site has been under attack too (today) by the following Cloudflare-backed domains:

And these two as well:

We also have “”, similarly to what is reported here:

same too! wwewe|690x184 Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)
Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)|
any solution?

it seems to stop now!

Also had 1,260 hits from this “referral” domain too. But Cloudflare didn’t block this obvious suspect IP and we have bot-fighting enabled. What’s this about as it’s messing with our Analytics as all hits showing up as sessions.

nslookup gives us

Here are some abuse reports:

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I’ve been getting a lot of spam/ddos attacks from these specific sources according to Google analytics:

since the attacks are spread out over 50+ countries and I need to keep many countries open to my website what would be the best solutions for me to single out these sources and how do I block them using Cloudflare? Appreciate any help

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On any plan you have Firewall rules, at least 5 of them on Free plan.
You can setup your Firewall rule to block by IP address or by Country :slight_smile:

For example using the expression:
(http.request.uri.path contains "/wp-login.php" and ne "HR") would block each visitor trying to access, but allow anyone from Croatia.

Or vice versa, you can block multiple countries and allow all other visitors to pass.

Also to consider with the rule like allowing Cloudflare “good bots” to pass VS “bad bots”:
and not

It’s not working since this bot is behind Cloudflare and you can’t block a Cloudflare IP… also the attack was from several countries worldwide.

Cloudflare IPs aren’t for outbound traffic. That would imply that the bot is running on Cloudflare servers, which I highly doubt. If you’re seeing Cloudflare IPs, it’s most likely because your server isn’t restoring Cloudflare IP addresses.


I have same problems but with “”… :confused:

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I have same problem. Yesterday 5k of

Same problem here. Several hundreds of hits from right now. How do I stop it??

I am also having issues from

If you’re talking about Referrers, has anybody tried a firewall rule like:


This is what I’m getting right now. How do I block it?

You can create a Firewall Rule like this:

This will block all requests to “/”


I cant stop them all, today I have problems with “”, yesterday “” someone else “”…
Can Cloudflare do something, what if they start to put more random things?

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