Bots, ¿Why does my server have so many requests with the same users?

Let’s analyze this:

FireWall Overview Previous 24 Hours (The rules respond to the reality of the business): From 1586 Requests , 887 are Bloqued, the 55.92%

What is the origin of these requests?

The requests were generated from these domains, the vast majority with 500 error or not secure:

But this still works:

This domain redirects to:

Another external links come from the domain:

this domain redirects to:

How to solve this bad programming practice?

  1. Activating HotLink protection.

  2. Applying rules on the firewall, blocking AS49981, which blocks access to the domain and prevents url scanning for; who offer free analysis for SEO positioning (Fuu … Bot).

Thanks to the Cloudflare firewall rules, it has been possible to normalize the relationship between users / requests.

I hope this information can help and mitigate the scanning of malicious sites.

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