Bots can bypass cloudflare captcha now?

Hello I think spam bots can bypass cloudflare captcha now because I’m under attack by hundreds of bots.

Hi @hangouthotel,

Have you read Under DDoS Attack! First steps and Responding to DDoS attacks?

Have you set a captcha challenge for all visitors and it hasn’t helped? Have you configured your server to only allow connections from Cloudflare IPs and verified that they are not bypassing Cloudflare and hitting your server directly?

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Yes I already did but nothing happens. It’s still 502 error

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I am having the same exact issue. I work with an Armenian org who is under attack by Azerbaijan botnet. They keep changing the method of attack. I see them come in and get presented with a challenge and they bypass it. I check my server and see 500 connections from cloudflare IP before the server crashes.

What option is there to avoid this??? I am stuck starting at the firewall trying to manually block patterns.

Fixed it upgrade to pro <3

Please make a post for this and you will get somebody to help, also make a ticket so that Cloudflare knows this.
They may not be as interested if there is a bypass to the javascript challenge but captcha is a bigger deal.