Bots bypass WAF with /.well-known/ in URI

I’m just curious if Cloudflare lets some request bypass WAF rules.

This is what I see on my server’s Apache logs:

I have 3 rules in WAF that should have prevented that IP from accessing my server. The rules in order are:

  1. The IP belongs to an ASN that I have already blocked:
    (ip.geoip.asnum in {40021})
  2. The requests don’t have user-agents but still bypassed my other rule.
    (http.user_agent eq "")
  3. The requested paths matches a rule that’s supposed to block them.
    (http.request.uri contains "/.well-known/" and not cf.verified_bot_category in {"Security"})

All these rules are set to “block”. My sites are correctly proxied/“orange cloud” in the DNS setttings. The only thing I can think of is that CF lets requests with /.well-known/ bypass the WAF by default since it’s used in certificate renewals. Is this correct?

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