Bots attacking site and not sure what to do

HI Everyone, I am very new to everything website so please bear with me.
Our site has been hit by bots monthly for 3 months 1 or 2 days a month. Page views have been around 1800-3000 views in one day with 0 time on page and 0 across all stats and 100% bounce rate and they are all listed on analytics as unassigned traffic.

When looking at the demographic they are all random countries but across about 40-60 users. So geo-blocking is not an option but clearly, the attacks are linked in some way given that they are hit on the same day.

I have wordfence set up but live tracking is not helpful given that I don’t know when they will hit.
My host does not have access to the server logs to investigate this for me ( I am considering switching hosts!)

Is there anything I can do to find out where these hits are coming from and how to prevent them?
I have been crawling the internet and cannot make head or tail of what to do about it.

I would appreciate advise on what I should do as I am worried it will affect my site given I am trying to grow it this year. Thanks

To start, I’d enable under attack mode

Next you may want to investigate bot fight mode,

Once you identify more details about the bot, you can create WAF rules that will help to more precisely block and/or challenge them, create those rules here,

Look here for security events & find out details

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