Bots are atttacking my website and IP address is showing Cloudflare's address

Bots are attacking my website for the last one-week continuously. I have been trying to secure all the ends on my backend by hiding login page putting a password on it. two-factor authentication, I installed wordfence that keeps on blocking the IP address.

Then today when I looked up the Ip addresses that are attacking the website they all came under the name of Cloudflare. I have attached the report of IP address lookup.

It has seriously affected the website performance and put it on a Google watch as Google considers it invalid traffic that has stopped all the ad revenue.

What is the solution to this issue? Can you please let me know how to stop this bot attack on my website that will not adversely affect the traffic.

Are you a Cloudflare customer with your site using Cloudflare services?

Yes, I am using Cloudflare’s free version.

Then the IP addresses are because your server isn’t restoring visitor addresses from the header. That screen looks like it’s from Wordfence, but there’s a Wordfence option to retrieve that IP address during requests.


Okay, thanks I will update the settings.

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