BotFight Mode - What do all the analytics mean?


I’m using botfight mode for our site.

But I can’t find anywhere a description of what the analytics actually mean.

What is: JS Challenge
What is: blocked (exactly)
What is: Challenge

I know what blocked means.

But what is the difference between all of these things?

When it says: Events by service and shows a bar with a percentage ‘botfight mode’ and a percentage ‘security level’ what does this mean?

here is an example of my dashboard

Thanks Erictung but I still don’t understand: “Events by service and shows a bar with a percentage ‘botfight mode’ and a percentage ‘security level’ what does this mean?”

What does the bar tell me. What do the two different percentages tell me.

It’s just telling you that from the total number of requests triggered Cloudflare security services, how many percentages of request triggered Bot Fight Mode and how many triggered Security Level.

Thanks, yes. But what is the difference between botfight and security level.

I thought security level was a level of security within botfight. If this is so why are they showing against each other in the chart/bar.

Bot Fight Mode and Security Level are different security features.

Bot Fight Mode:

Cloudflare’s Bot Fight Mode detects bad bots and performs several actions:

  • Slows the bot with a computationally intensive challenge, and
  • Notifies Bandwidth Alliance partners (if applicable) to disable the bot.

Bot Fight Mode is turned On or Off via the Cloudflare Firewall app under the Tools tab. Bot Fight Mode applies at the domain level and is not available via Page Rules. Bot Fight Mode only challenges requests from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Security Level:

Security Level uses the IP reputation of a visitor to decide whether to present a Captcha challenge page. Once the visitor enters the correct Captcha, they receive the appropriate website resources.

When I’m Under Attack mode is enabled in the Settings tab of the Firewall app or via a Page Rule, Security Level presents a JS challenge page.

IP Reputation is calculated based on Project Honeypot, external public IP information, as well as internal threat intelligence from our WAF and DDoS.

In the bar chart, it can have multiple security features other than Bot Fight Mode and Security Level, example:

Some of the features e.g. WAF and Rate Limiting requires subscription, so you will not see them in Free plan zones.

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