Bot Traffic Not Stop

Hi Dear Sir/Madam,

i hope you are doing well, dear i am using your service in my site but i face someone sending bot traffic in my site i lost my organic traffic and seo so what i do how i protect from bot traffic and safe my seo and organic traffic ?


On the overview tab, enable I am under attack mode. That will slow folks hitting your site while we inspect them. Next, you’ll need to set your firewall to block the attacker. You may want to search this site for both iaua mode and firewall settings, lots of good details on how to use and then tune.

Hi cloonan,

how i set firewall to block the attacker? and how i search iaua mode and firewall settings please explain me step by step with screen short so i can do set.

i enabled under attack mode

  1. go to

  2. select your account or domain

  3. review your Firewall Event Log (under Events) to identify the attacker(s) and/or URL’s being targeted.

  4. Now that you have a list of IP’s or URL’s go to Firewall rules


  5. Select Create a Firewall Rule

  6. Create rules to block the IP, URL or Country.

**note this isn’t an end all solution. You’ll need to sit down and carefully review your site settings and search the community for furether tips to hardening your website,



ok dear thanks

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