Bot traffic has not stopped even after subscribed to Pro version

My site is getting bots traffic (mostly page views, it is 5 6 times the total users). It is coming from 1 of December and it is badly affecting my site ranking since the bot traffic started coming to my site. Maybe some of my competitors doing this. First, there was a total of 2.04k page views and 1.44k users per day because at that time when there was no bots traffic. You can check the current page views on the screenshot I attached. It has a total of 6.02k page views and 1.5k users. You can clearly see it is almost more than 4 times which is not normal at all.

I could not find the IP address of the bot traffic. I also contacted my hosting provider they also could not find any IP address of the bots. So I connected my site to Cloudflare and I also purchased its Pro plans But it also failed to block bots traffic. I also enabled and blocked all 4 options in Super Bot Fight Mode but nothing happened.
Kindly help me out as it is affecting my site ranking day by day.

I doubt much can be done within the $20 budget. If the bot is somewhat sophisticated and uses Chromium with some tweaking, it’s likely to go through SBFM.

Unless we are missing information and there are some apparent flags on the bot that we can’t see given the limited data, your best bet would go to jump into mid/high-end solutions (CF Bot management or similar).

Where can I find this CF Bot management feature or is it in the Business plan?

It’s in the Enterprise plan.

What could be the cost of this plan?

It would be best to reach out to the sales team for that; however, I’d expect it to start at $50k per year approximately.

It is so expensive, isn’t it? How someone like a student can afford that plan who is earning barely $1000 per month? What is the benefit of getting the pro plan when this Cloudflare can not block bots?

:man_shrugging: It’s not expensive when you run a medium/big-sized enterprise.

They don’t.

Cloudflare will block a significant chunk of the bots; it’s unrealistic to expect a solution to be a silver bullet in an arms race, especially for $20 / month.

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So this is clear you have no idea what my problem is. One question, why Cloudflare has this community when here experts suggest their more expensive premium plans rather than solving the problem.

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He’s actually extremely knowledgeable in this area. Complex problems require complex solutions. The best tools available at your price point are explained here:

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May I ask, from Google Analytics, have you checked what’s the source and destination page of them and where are they coming from?

It could be Google-mediapartners / Facebook “user_agent”, somehow counted in GA too.

Have you had some article published or similar which was recently Googled more than usually?

Using Pro Plan, you might want to:

  1. Enable the “Web Application Firewall” feature
  2. Toggle (:green_circle:) “Cloudflare Flash, Cloudflare Miscellaneous, Cloudflare Php, Cloudflare Specials”
  3. For “Package: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set” select “Medium” with the Action “Challenge”.
  4. Toggle (:green_circle:) all the OWASP Groups (20 of them).
  5. Navigate to Firewall → Bots. Click on the link “Configure Super Bot Fight Mode”. For “Definitely automated” select “Challenge”, for “Verified bots” select “Allow” from the dropdown menus.
  6. Toggle JavaScript Detections.

Monitor this for next 24 hours and reply with some more information :wink:

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