Bot protection is blocking valid bots

I’m evaluating the new bot protection for my business account and I’ve found it too strict. If I enable a challenge for Definitely Automated bots, the bots which generate previews for Telegram and PostPickr are blocked.
How can I whitelist specific bots?
Thanks for your help

Unfortunately, you can’t. If it’s not a known registered “Good” bot, then it will get blocked.

How can a bot become good for Cloudflare? Is there anything I can tell Telegram or PostPickr to improve their bots?

They can apply here:

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Meanwhile, I did some tests and I noticed also that if I enable a challenge for Definitely Automated bots, page preview is still possibile when I post a link on WhatsApp, but not on Telegram.
Can you check why are you blocking page preview in Telegram?

I believe it’s that Telegram hasn’t applied as a good bot and no one has done so manually.

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I wrote to Telegram, but I’m having problems also with IFTTT and Integromat. Did I understand correctly that blocking Definitely Automated bots is the first level of protection for Bots or are there less strict levels?

It varies with plan levels, but the most effective way, without most issues for human visitors is that one.

I understand,but it’s blocking article sharing through various social networks

Ok. So knowing what you know right now, what options are you considering that we can help with?

When I activated this protection, I got complaints about problems with sharing articles on various social network.
Since I pay for PostPickr, I opened a ticket and I hope that they apply via your form.
However, I cannot ask this to Telegram. I think you should monitor these non-validated bots better. I don’t think that “page preview” is such a malicious behaviour.

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