Bot Protection Firewall

The Requests out of our company network seemed to be blocked by the Bot detection
Requests from other IPs like MobilePhone are working.
I have tried to add our public IP to the Firewallrules and IP Access Rules but it doesn’t change anything.
Next i 've tried is to activate the ‘better’ bot detection per javascript injection in Super Bot Fight Mode.
Traffic from clearly identified bots and possibly bots are allowed
Doesn’t effect the Errormessage, too.

We get the Message:
“Bot Protection Firewall
Blocked because of Malicious Activities
Reference ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

This message doesn’t seem to be Cloudflare generated.

Do you have any other security plugins installed in your website?

the hosting company says it is not generated by them

the message was caused by a filter from the hosting company …

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