Bot management + firewall rules as free plan

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It’s not a technical issue but a general question

What is the domain name?

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Yes on your docs, but can’t find a clear anwser to my question

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Radar verified bots on Cloudflare
Articles regarding bot management (talking about all plans)

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It’s not an issue but a question :
Does the bot management on free plan skip the firewall rules ?
Because one of my website use the Mercanet (french solution) payment which call my website for updating state of order payments. So I’ve allowed the IP address in the WAF in order to be sure the request are done successfully.
But I tried few years ago to enable bot management, and it has blocked the Mercanet requests.

Thanks in advance for your help

Bot Management specifically is the Enterprise product, the free plan has Bot Fight Mode.

The WAF or Page Rules cannot bypass Bot Fight Mode. IP Access Rules might work to whitelist an IP address.

Ok but IP Access Rules is a part of the WAF, then it shouldn’t be working ? Am I wrong ?

Yes & no.

IP Access Rules run before Bots, whereas WAF runs after bots, so the ‘WAF’ in regards to firewall rules cannot override Bots.

Oh! I didn’t notice the order of each tool which have an impact on the traffic!
Thanks a lot for this explanation, it didn’t make sense to me at first time.

Then perfect!

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