Bot fighting mode vs PageSpeed Insights


Why turn on bot fighting mode causes a reduction in performance at PageSpeed Insights ? It is about 10 points.



Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’re using a free or a paid Cloudflare plan type? :thinking:

My tought would be that since Bot Fight Mode calls a JavaScript to detect the Website traffic and uses a cookie too, therefore it could be a case as the particular script is causing PageSpeed Insights to lower your score a bit on the end result.

You can disable it if the score is more important in your case. However, take caution because some bots and scrapers might get you after and cause some potential loss or issue in case your Website would have some vulnerability. Definitely it helps to fight them and with possibly spam, but if you’re more concerned with Google speed test for SEO purposes than your real visitor experience, it’s your call at the end of the day.

I use free plan for now.
thanks for advice