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My website has a business pro plan. Until about five minutes ago, I had super bot fighter mode configured to challenge definitely automated traffic and allow likely automated and verified bots through with no challenge. However, it was blocking googlebot. I tried to skip the challenge by setting up a rule based on ASN, but cloudflare still challenged googlebot.

I would prefer to challenge fully automated traffic, but I can’t run google ads if the googlebot is challenged and I want google to crawl my site. Is this possible?

Hi there,

Do you have Verified bots Allowed on the configuration for Super Bot Fight mode on Cloudflare’s dashboard?

Super Bot Fight mode should not block genuine Google bots if that is allow listed.

If your able to share some example Google IP’s that you saw blocked, so we can verify they are genuine google bots from their crawlers, sometimes there are tools/malicious actors that try to simulate being google bot from google cloud etc - so may appear to be Googlebot.

You can verify google bots by following this guide - Googlebot and Other Google Crawler Verification | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers


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