Bot Fight Mode Issue

RSS feeds do not work on any aggregator, including IFTTT, Flipboard, and FeedBurner if Bot Fight Mode is enabled on a website.

In that case, what are the threats on the website if Bot Fight Mode is disabled? And how to avoid these threats?

Yes, this is the current behaviour - “Definitely Automated” and “Likely Automated” include these tools and APIs.

Until there’s a way to use firewall rules to bypass SBFM the only way around it is by settings all those to ALLOW, with all other traffic coming through.

Because Cloudflare doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you unless you pay Enterprise level prices. They are happy to offer something to a paying customer as a “feature” without telling you it will disrupt your website. Don’t expect it to get better since they just missed their earnings and need to milk more money from you.

Also, they block the word krap lol.

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