Bot fight mode issue with traffic on same domain

I enabled bot fight mode today in my pro plan and immediately all kinds of processes started failing in my management system. For example one function we have is to generate a pdf from a url on our server and deliver it via email. The pdf’s generated are basically just 403 errors with bot mode on. I added the server’s IP address using tools and allow but that didn’t help. Is there anyway to mitigate issue with bot fight mode with the pro plan or is pretty much as-is unless you want to upgrade to business?

Having a similar issue. Feed readers weren’t able to reach our WordPress’ /feed/ pages, and it also blocked a script that sync blog posts using WordPress’ API. I tried writing a custom firewall rule to allow the specific requests, but it seems that the Managed Bot rules are executed after the custom firewall rules, and there’s no way to Bypas Bot fight rules. :confused:

Function, or a script? Is it going through cronjob or via like “python-requests”? Any user-agent for that function?

In IP Access Rules or?
How about adding it to Firewall Rules, creating a Firewall rule with action “Bypass” → selecting “Security Level”?

Are these Feed readers real users or crawlers and ping-ers that do it on a daily basis?

Integrated /wp-json/ or some other REST API? Any user-agent for that script?

I am not 100% sure where should it “trigger” from the below picture, but it is a worth of try:

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