Bot Fight Mode (free plan) and IP Access Rules

Hello everyone, I have a low-traffic personal website so the free plan is enough for this website. My question is: if I turn on the Bot Fight Mode — which is not the “Super Bot Fight Mode” for non-free plans — can I use it together with the IP Access Rules (Firewall→Tools)?

Example: let’s say that the Bot Fight Mode, for some reason (unknown to free users), blocks the IP Address, which is actually a non-malicious bot so I’d like to “whitelist” it. If I add “ Allow” to the IP Access Rules, am I whitelisting that bot, or are the IP Access Rules ignored by the Bot Fight Mode?

PS: just for the sake of clarity, I’m talking about “IP Access Rules” (Firewall→Tools), not about the “Firewall Rules” and “Managed Rules” (unavailable in the free plan).

I have Bot Fight Mode turned on my free plans and haven’t noticed any interference of legitimate access. If you Allow list that IP address with Bot Fight Mode enabled, give it a test connection and also keep an eye on your Firewall Events Log.

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That’s what I’ve been doing. It seems to work — the “allow list” is honored by the BFM, or at least I haven’t found any inconsistencies yet in the logs — but I wanted an official confirmation by Cloudflare staff.

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