Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots

Hey guys, I’m struggling with a request being blocked by this rule named Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots.

Can someone give me any idea on why this IP is triggering it? Can it be a false positive?

Is this a free or Pro account?

If it’s Free, do you have Bot Fight Mode turned ON? If Pro, do you have Super Bot Fight Mode option “Definitely Automated” switch to Block?

It’a a Pro account and Definitely Automated is indeed On.

Just created a whilist rule in the managed firewall but seems like the bot fight mode has some priority over my firewall rules. Is that correct?

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You cannot bypass Super Fight Bot Mode settings with the firewall.

There are quite a few posts asking to at least have one more option “Bypass | SFBM” added to firewall actions.

SFBM will block RSS feed readers, some known bots and more. If you have a dynamic site that relies on RSS, API and other services you might change the options to ALLOW in the bot pages and try managing everything with the firewall instead.

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