Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots - not entitled to use this global ruleset

We have a legit phone App in development, which points to 2 different domains protected by Cloudflare, in one “branch” it works perfectly fine, in the other, petitions are blocked by:
ruleset name:Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots
rulename:manage definite bots

when I go to
and try to change the “definitely bots” to allow, it always shows me the error “not entitled to use this global ruleset”

from support (case 2558330) at some point they told me that it was fixed so I could change that…but sadly not yet working. And lately not even receiving feedback on it, could someone take care?

As for the community, any hint to make that works and allow what the system is incorrectly marking as a bot?

thank you in advance

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