Bot Fight Mode challenging Chrome-Lighthouse

This is bad for SEO :roll_eyes:

No, it’s not really. At least as I am blocking Google Cloud Platform → used for speed testing on few domains. No issue with SEO regarding this so far.

Did you used a Lighthouse as an extension for Google Chrome web browser? :thinking:

How about Developer Tools (F12) → Lighthouse?

I don’t use Lighthouse extension. I also js-challenge GCP, AWS, and Azure with exceptions of course; one of them is I ‘allow’ Chrome-Lighthouse UA. Because of this matter, I disabled bot fight mode for now. Isn’t this bot fight mode related to the connection between my server and Cloudflare server? What does that have to do with the browser I’m using?

I’m just saying, if anybody have problem with huge Total Blocking Time, turn off the Bot Fight Mode and your site’s TBT will be back to green.

Thank you so much for your post!

I’ve been having the same issue, with Cloudflare blocking Lighthouse and all other Google Page Speed tests, and challenging crawlers from my top SEO tools.

It was driving me crazy thinking what other helpful SEO bots Cloudflare was misidentifying as ‘bad bots’.

I now configured Super Bot Fight Mode to allow “Definitely automated” traffic as well. Rather have some extra non-human traffic than rely on Cloudflare to identify useful bots from bad ones (they clearly aren’t doing a great job at that).

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+1 I hope that this gets fixed soon. We cannot run PageSpeed API or even Page Speed insights reports our site.

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