Bot Fight Mode causing 503 errors in some countries

According to UpTrends (Free Website Uptime Test | Uptrends), all of our websites return 503 errors in Montreal, Canada, and Lille, France when Bot Fight Mode is turned on. When Bot Fight Mode is turned off, all websites are accessible. Please advise.

Some examples:

Account Dash Ticket - Websites blocked in Montreal, Canada, Lille, France as per Free Website Uptime Test | Uptrends

Only the French speakers, eh? Odd.

Are you seeing entries in the Firewall Events Log for your domain at As it’s pretty easy to trigger with Uptrends, it should be easy to check.

Granted, though, Uptrends is a bot, and it’s not listed as a Known Bot:

Do you know if any human users are being blocked?

Thanks for your reply. Seems there’s a French connection! :wink:

Google Ads alerted me to the issue. They require all destination URLs to be globally accessible. I haven’t received any reports from users about being blocked. I see almost 4000 entries in the Firewall Events log listed for the Service “Bot Fight Mode” just in the last 24 hours from all over the world — most from Canada, Germany, the US, and France.

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My only valid guess is that either the ML tends to flag these countries or that the way connections are established between countries is different, and thus the bfm flags some locations.

Unfortunately, the community won’t be able to help you much further as SBFM is known to have a lot of problems in the way it was deployed for non-enterprise customers.

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Understood. Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated!

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