Bot Fight Mode causing 503 error for RSS feed

We use Zapier to integrate our RSS feed with an automated email service, however since turning on “Bot Fight Mode” the RSS feed returns a 503 error which I was able to confirm using this site:

This is a similar issue as detailed in this thread:

For me the solution was to simply disable Bot Fight Mode.

However, I would obviously like to keep Bot Fight Mode enabled. Is there any way I can keep Bot Fight Mode enabled without causing a 503 error for the RSS feed?

Try something like below. There’s no Bot Fight Mode bypass in Firewall Rules, but bypassing Security Level or another option might work.

I’m interested in this as well, but I haven’t been able to bypass the bot fight with any firewall rules. If the only solution is to disable this entirely just for one feature, then that’s… disappointing.

Edit, ah: it’s an upsell trick:


Bot Fight Mode uses the same underlying technology that powers our Bot Management

product. Specifically, Bot Fight Mode:

  • Protects entire sites without endpoint restrictions
  • Cannot be customized, adjusted, or reconfigured via Firewall Rules
  • Does not include access to advanced metrics, bot scores, or our Bot Analytics tool

Although Bot Fight Mode is designed to fight malicious actors on the Internet, it may challenge API or mobile app traffic. For more granular control, we recommend customers upgrade to Bot Management.

Sir, everything is an upsell trick. Page Rules are cool, but you only get three. Firewall Rules are also cool. You only get five. This free service is pretty good, but look at these other shiny features for just xx dollars more!

Or…manage some self-control (not like me when I go to Home Depot for just one thing) and enjoy what Cloudflare already gives you.

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