Bot Fight Mode $ Cache By Device Type

I have a problem, I turned on the "Robot Fighting Mode
"and since then I have a problem with templates, I use a different one for the computer and another for the mobile phone. When the computer works fine for a while, it does not work well on the phone and so on. Is there any solution to this problem!?
I am using the free Cloudflare + APO
I will be grateful for your help.

Please explain more specifically:

  • what doesn’t work?
  • how to reproduce?

When the phone is ok, I have all the page content and then only the phone theme footer on the computer. How well it displays on the computer is just the footer of the page on the phone.

It’s an issue with your template, same result on the desktop when I disable APO on the site.

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The template has not been updated for several months and the problem appeared a few days ago.

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