“Bot Fight Mode” blocks “Observatory” tests but I'd like to keep protection


I’ve noticed that activating the “Bot Fight Mode” blocks the “Observatory” tests (“Speed” tab), but I’d like to keep some protection and still manage to run the tests.

I’d like to know, even without “Bot Fight Mode”, is there still protection against “bad” bots, etc.?

Thank you,

Well Bot Fight Mode is intended to be a high security solution to stop Bots, with the possibility of false positives (and the issue with Observatory Speed tests is known, last I heard they were still working on it).

Without Bot Fight Mode, you still have Cloudflare’s built in DDoS Protection, although that requires a lot more requests to trip.

You also have the option of going up to Cloudflare Pro, which gives you Super Bot Fight Mode which you could make a custom rule to skip, or with free/paid bot fight mode you could always just disable it for a bit before running the tests.


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