Bot Fight Mode blocking Pinterest

I’ve got IP from Pinterest being blocked by Ruleset Name Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots

From their definition that IP passes -

host domain name pointer

I set up a firewall rule to allow everything access to the product feed file it’s trying to fetch. The firewall log shows it both being allowed and it being blocked

16 Jul, 2021 01:26:16 Allow United States Firewall rules
16 Jul, 2021 01:26:16 Block United States Firewall: Managed

And I’m still getting an error from Pinterest

Your catalog could not be uploaded because we couldn’t process
Your data source can’t be accessed

Is there either a way to set up a rule that allows it to access the XML file? Or can the Bot Fight Mode be updated to allow it?

You mean it counts as a definite bot? I agree. Unfortunately, there are no bypasses for Definite Bots.

It should be classified as a “Verified bot”

Verified bots are unique good bot identities validated by Cloudflare. Select an action for verified bots for this traffic.

Pinterest is on the FAQ list, but “Definite Bots” is extremely unforgiving. Do you have Verified Bots enabled?

Still, though, the Allow should have let it through and be done with it. Maybe @mdemoura has some insight into what happened.

Yes -

Still no update on this? Pinterest still can’t pick up my catalog feed

Thanks for the report; we’ve updated our logic and a fix should be out shortly if it isn’t already.

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Thank you

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