Bot Fight Mode blocking Googlebot & Bingbot

I’m on free account btw.

That looks like the real deal. BFM isn’t supposed to block real bots. I suspect this is a mistake.

Can you please open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com and include a link to this thread? The ticket will auto-close, but if you post the ticket # here, I can escalate it so someone can re-open the ticket and investigate the issue.

Done. It’s #2322674.

Ok. Escalated. I also have Bot Fight Mode enabled on my free sites, but haven’t combed through my logs to see if it’s blocking good bots.

Can you please escalate this as well 2319856?

I’ve just added that to the queue.

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Thank you so much!

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I think I have the same problem, my website disappeared from the Google search engine 24 hours ago.

I am on the Free plan. I got a report from Google about 5xx errors from 29 pages on one of my websites starting around 04AM on December 8th. I found nine entries in the Cloudflare firewall log that showed a JS Challenge to IPs in the Google bot range - one of the Ray IDs is 6ba514769f738015. I have requested that Google revalidate the pages but that may take several days.

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